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The Innovative Imaging Across Scales network, is an Imperial Multi-Faculty Network of Excellence.  

Next generation biomedical imaging provides unprecedented structural, functional and molecular views of cells and organisms and of connections, pathways and processes at cellular, molecular, and systemic level. Knowledge generated at the interface between imaging, genomics, physiology and epigenetics will lead to a better understanding of how to treat disease and will enable us to evaluate how environmental factors impact on gene regulation and output. Novel imaging therefore can pave the way for new translational findings and for the development of personalised treatment.

Our network explores imaging across scales from molecular, intracellular, tissue and whole-body imaging in invertebrates, rodents and in man using a range of innovative imaging techniques structural, single molecule, super resolution optical, epigenetic and clinical through magnetic resonance

The Network has been developed in recognition of the importance of imaging for biomedical advances. The network joins up cross-faculty imaging work; utilises existing imaging partnerships; and will harness opportunities from long-standing, joint investment in cutting edge imaging technologies.