The Institute of Infection: Driving interdisciplinary infection research

We drive interdisciplinary infection research that brings together the outstanding skills and perspectives of Imperial scientists from across the Faculties of Medicine, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Business School.

By bridging the gaps between faculties and disciplines, we accelerate, enhance, and ensure the global impact of Imperial’s world-leading infection research community in finding solutions to infections and the diseases they cause.

The Institute of Infection: Driving interdisciplinary infection research

Hear from our Directors and researchers about the importance of the Institute and interdisciplinary infection research

Infection research at Imperial College London

Infection research at Imperial College London is renowned, world-leading, and diverse, with almost every department contributing to the understanding and management of infectious disease. We have unique resources, capabilities, and links to patients and healthcare partners that enable us to have global impact.

By bringing this expertise together, interdisciplinary infection teams contribute to:

  • Discovery in infection science, which tackles fundamental questions for every class of pathogen (viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi) and how our immune system fights disease.
  • Transforming how we diagnose, treat, and control disease, e.g., digital diagnostics, wearable technologies, vaccines, and smart delivery systems.
  • Determining how we can monitor and manage infection in our cities, country, and globe in the context of a changing planet.

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Major themes

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