Click here to download thesis: Design, Development and Operation of Novel Ion Trap Geometries

Title: Design, Development and Operation of Novel Ion Trap Geometries


This thesis presents novel designs of ion traps for different applications. The first part introduces the topic of ion traps to clarify the local context of this work. In the second part, the proposal of a novel design for a Penning ion trap is presented. It is shown that this trap, called the wire trap, has many advantages over traditional designs due to its open geometry and scalability. In the third part of this work, the development of two scalable RF wire traps is presented. Both designs are based on the geometry of the wire Penning trap and they share the open geometry and the scalability. In the fourth part, the design, computer simulation, construction and testing of a wire trap prototype is presented. This section ends with an explanation of the future experiments that will be carried out with such a prototype. In the fifth section, another novel design for a planar Penning trap is presented and discussed in the text. This design, called the two plate trap, shares many advantages of the wire traps, including the scalability. The sixth section of this work deals with the design of a cylindrical Penning trap for the storage of highly charged ions. Finally, in the last section, a summary of the original contributions of this work is presented.


Issue Date: March 2007

Supervisor: Thompson, Richard

Item Type:  Physics PhD Thesis