This page is updated regularly with the latest news and events from the ITMAT Data Science Group.


 Imperial Students: Please contact us if you are willing to dive into a health-data data science project. We have multiple opportunities for students to be trained on data science exploration (machine learning, all health data type, bioinformatics,...). 

Post-docs, fellows: we are always happy to discuss opportunities to support applications for fellowships to host you in our group. We can assist in write-up to work with us and connecting you to the right person within Imperial Faculties, in particular Medicine. 



  • S. Atanur has a paper accepted in Life Science Alliance on "Cap analysis of gene expression reveals alternative promoter usage in a rat model of hypertension". Link. [Jan]
  • E. Angelini has a paper accepted in Biomedical Image Analysis, on "Suggestive Annotation of Brain MR Images with Gradient-guided Sampling". Collaboration with the Data Science Institute at Imperial. [Jan]


  • E. Angelini appointed on the Scientific Advisory board of the INESC-TEC research institute in Portugal [Nov].
  • R. Glen has a paper accepted in Microbiome, on "Regulation of blood–brain barrier integrity by microbiome-associated methylamines and cognition by trimethylamine N-oxide".  Link [Nov]
  • S. Greenbury and E. Angelini have a paper accepted in BMJ Open on "A whole population cohort study of changes in neonatal admissions, care processes and outcomes in England and Wales during the COVID-19 pandemic". [Sept]
  • 6 MSc students from Dpt of Computing and 3 MRes Biomedical Research students from the data science stream in our division defended their thesis. One project got distinguished mark. Congrats to all ! [Sept]
  • S. Greenbury and E. Angelini have a paper accepted in The Lancet Child & Adolescent on "Birthweight and patterns of postnatal weight gain in very and extremely preterm babies in England and Wales from 2008-2019" (LINK). [July]
  • E. Angelini has a paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (collaboration with Columbia Univ) on "Novel Subtypes of Pulmonary Emphysema Based on Spatially-Informed Lung Texture Learning: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) COPD Study" (LINK) [June]
  • Gopal Krishna R Dhondalay joined the group as a Data Scientist in bioinformatics [June]
  • S. Greenbury will present an abstract on modeling "Patterns of postnatal weight gain" at the UK Neonatal Society Spring Meeting LINK [March]
  • S. Greenbury and E. Angelini have a paper published in Scientific Reports on "Understanding learner behaviour in online courses with Bayesian modelling and time series characterisation"LINK. [Feb.]
  • E. Angelini gave a keynote presentation at the Northern Light Deep-learning workshop, presenting joint work with the NHLI on deep learning on lung CT scans. [Jan.]
  • E. Angelini has 4 papers accepted at IEEE ISBI'21Two presenting the work of MSc students from the Dpt of Computing!  [Jan.]


  • Anthony Thomas just started as a Data Scientist in the Dpt of Metabolism-Digestion-Reproduction, with expertise in healtchare data management. He is affiliated with our group and supported by HDR-UK. [Nov.]
  • Z. He has a new paper in Histopathology LINK [Nov.]
  • M. Futschik has a paper published in Cancers LINK. [Nov.]
  • R. Glen has a review paper on "Metabolomics - the stethoscope for the 21st century" published in Medical Principles and Practice LINK. [Nov.]
  • S. Atanur has a paper accepted in JACC: Basic to Translational Science LINK [Oct.]
  • Z. He has two new papers in Genetics LINK and LINK [Oct.]
  • R. Glen has a paper on "Consequences of Lipid Remodeling of Adipocyte Membranes Being Functionally Distinct from Lipid Storage in Obesity" published in the Journal on Proteomics Research LINK [July].
  • Zhangyi He just started as a Research Associate in Data Science in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, with expertise in bioinformatics. He is affiliated with our group.  [June]
  • M. Futschik joined the group, with expertise in bioinformatics [April]
  • Two papers accepted at MICCAI [April]
  • B. Crum has a new paper in Plos One on "Implementation of clinical tractography for pre-surgical planning of space occupying lesions: An investigation of common acquisition and post-processing methods compared to dissection studies" [Apr.]
  • B. Crum has a new paper in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine on "Monitoring response to transarterial chemoembolization in hepatocellular carcinoma using 18F-Fluorothymidine Positron Emission TomographyLINK [March].
  • R. Glen has a new paper in the Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design on "Validating the validation: reanalyzing a large-scale comparison of deep learning and machine learning models for bioactivity prediction". LINK [Jan.]
  • 3 papers accepted for oral presention at the IEEE ISBI'20 conference in Iowa City. Two from MSc thesis works of two Imperial students!   [Jan.]
  • Two abstracts accepted for presention at the American Thoracic Society Meeting this May. [Jan.]


  • MRC-Partnership Grant with the NDAU group at Hospital of Chelsea & Westminster funded! [Nov.]
  • E. Angelini visited the INRIA and the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis for a PhD defense [Oct.]
  • R. Glen has two papers in the Bioninformatics journal on the R package SPUTNIK and the nPYc-Toolbox Python module [Sept]
  • The group has organized the 3rd ITMAT Workshop on 'Data Science Challenges in Translational Medicine', organised at the Hammersmith Campus, Imperial College London. [Sept]
  • E. Angelini attended an expert pannel on Data Science for the FWO - Flander Foundation (Brussels, Belgium). [Sept.]
  • Our 5 MSc students in Machine Learning succesfully defended their projects. All got "Distinction" and one project even got a "Distinguished" mark!  [Sept.]
  • F. Guitton has a paper accepted in MICCAI [August]
  • E. Angelini has a paper published in JAMA [August]
  • P. Blakeley has 2 papers accepted: Nature Communications & Nature Human Behavior [july]
  • E. Angelini has one paper accepted in the IEEE Journal on Biomedical and Health Informatics. [July]
  • Abstract accepted at the VIP-Image Conference. [July]
  • Sam Greenbury presented his work at the UK Neonatal Medicine Meeting (Tweeter post). [June]
  • One intern from Telecom ParisTech joined the group for her MSc research project. [June]
  • 5 MSc students in Machine Learning started their research project with us. [May]
  • R. Glen has a paper in Analytical Chemistry on machine learning for mass spectrometry imaging [Apr.]
  • E. Angelini was part a the PhD evaluation committee of Silas Ørting at the  University of Copenhagen (Denmark). [Apr.]
  • E. Angelini attended the IEEE ISBI'19 conference in Venice. One oral presentation from one of our Master student! [Apr.]


  • 1 paper accepted in IEEE Journal on Biomedical and Health Informatics. [Dec.]
  • 4 papers accepted at the IEEE ISBI'19 conference ! [Dec.]
  • Elsa Angelini attended an expert pannel on Data Science for the FWO - Flander Foundation (Brussels, Belgium). [Nov.]
  • Jinyi Wu joined the group as a RA, supported by a fellowship from the Chelsea & Wesminster hospital, to work with the Neonatal Research Database. [Nov.]
  • Santosh Atanur participated in the organization of the 2nd Imperial College "Genomic Symposium". [Nov.]
  • Mario Zusag (MSc student from DoC) was awarded Distinguished status for his work on Weakly-supervised Deep Learning for lung CT images (link). [Oct.]
  • David Mosen-Ansorena co-organised the first Imperial RNA-seq introductory workshop (5-days). Fully subscribed! [Sept.]
  • 2 MRes students started their project with the group on outlier detection within neuroimaging cohorts and DL for survival prediction with TCGA genomic data. [Sept.]
  • Elsa Angelini teaching at the IEEE EMBS Summer School on Medical Imaging. [July]
  • Second ITMAT Workshop on 'Data Science Challenges in Translational Medicine', orginsed at the Hammersmith Campus, Imperial College London. [June]
  • Elsa Angelini is part of the PhD committee of Sandro Filipe Monteiro Queirós, at University do Monho, Portugal. [May]
  • 4 Master Students from the Department of Computing started their research projects on Machine Learning and Medical Imaging. [April]
  • Elsa Angelini attends the IEEE ISBI  Conference in Washington DC (USA) [April].
  • The group is awarded two research projects by the ITMAT Imperial BRC funding scheme.
  • Elsa Angelini attends the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference in Houston (USA) [Feb.].
  • Elsa Angelini represents the group at the NIHR Imperial BRC Infection and AMR theme workshop.
  • Elsa Angelini attends the IEEE EMBS Adcom meeting in San Diego (USA) [Jan.]
  • Paul Blakeley joins the group as the new Biostatistics Data Scientist [Jan]. 


  • Elsa Angelini attends an expert pannel for the FWO - Flander Foundation (Brussels, Belgium) [Nov.]
  • Santosh Atanur participats in the organization of the 1st Imperial College "Genomic Symposium". [Nov.]
  • Three MRes students start their projects with the group on Neonatal data registry curation, Genomic-Imaging and Phenotyping from neuro-images. 
  • Florian Guitton joins the group as a UKBiobank data system engineer, in collaboration with the DSI. [Oct.]
  • Robert Glen gives a plenary talk at the 150th anniversary of the German Chemical Society.
  • Two papers presented at the MICCAI conference [April].
  • Santosh Atanur is awarded two ITMAT projects: one "Developing Capacities" type, as PI, and one "Push for Impact" as co-I.