About CJ

Innovating for a better future

Community Jameel is an international organisation tackling some of the world's most urgent issues and challenges, using a pioneering approach grounded in evidence, science, data and technology.

Founded by Mohammed Jameel KBE - a graduate of MIT and engineer by training - Community Jameel employs a new approach to achieving impact, by driving scientific and technological breakthroughs and innovations in the fields of education, health and climate.

Community Jameel supports programmes, projects and ideas that unlock the power of data, research and AI to understand and address pressing human challenges, with a commitment to evidence-based policymaking in global development.

Taking a collaborative approach, Community Jameel partners with major institutions such as MIT and Imperial College London, building platforms for researchers to push the boundaries of their fields and develop new solutions to advance human development. Community Jameel also supports on-the-ground implementation of initiatives with organisations such as Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee.

The work enabled and supported by Community Jameel has led to significant new breakthroughs and achievements; including the discovery of the new antibiotic Halicin, critical modelling of the spread of COVID-19, and a Nobel Prize winning approach to global poverty alleviation.