The Flow Cytometry Facility South Kensington is holding a series of user group meetings every other week throughout the year. These are 30 mins-1H long and comprise a mixture of talks and interactive workshops by vendors, the facility staff and the facility users.

The talks are a mix of in-person and virtual and are being recorded to be made available in our Microsoft Teams group.

If you are one of our facility users and interested in presenting your own data in a friendly setting, or you have some cool tips and tricks or techniques please get in touch. Help us creating a community where you can all network and share your knowledge and experience.

Our next User Group Meetings are as follows:

23RD MARCH - COMPENSATION WORKSHOP, facilitated by Jess Rowley.

24th MARCH - FLOWJO BASIC DATA ANALYSIS WORKSHOP, facilitated by Serena Di Cecilia – BD/FlowJo.

24th MARCH - FLOWJO ADVANCED DATA ANALYSIS WORKSHOP, facilitated by Serena Di Cecilia – BD/FlowJo.

5th april - AURORA OPTIMISATION WORKSHOP, facilitated by Jess Rowley.

Contact us for the booking details.