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AB - Solventless coated epoxysilicone composite membranes have been prepared from a UV curable epoxysilicone polymer for organic solvent nanofiltration. Coatings were conducted solventless on a roll-to-roll pilot line using a forward gravure coating technique, and applied on a polyacrylonitrile or cross-linked poly(ether imide) support. Cross-linking of the poly(ether imide) support membrane with propanediamine enhanced the adhesion properties of the epoxysilicone selective layer. Penetration of the coating solution into the porous support membrane was confirmed using scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. Membranes fabricated using two different gravure heads have been studied, with submicrometer siloxane layer thicknesses achieved. The separation performance of the membranes is observed to be independent of the thickness. It has been possible to achieve membranes with a molecular weight cut-off < 500 g mol–1 in hydrocarbon solvents. Benefits of the fabrication include the ability to UV cross-link under air, elimination of solvent-based coating, and the feasibility of achieving uniform, submicrometer coatings at large scale manufacturing. These membranes comprise a further step toward greener and safer membrane production.
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TI - Solvent-Free Coating of Epoxysilicones for the Fabrication of Composite Membranes
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