Publications are listed with full author names and full journal names


"Room-temperature optically detected coherent control of molecular spins"
Adrian Mena, Sarah K. Mann, Angus Cowley-Semple, Emma Bryan, Sandrine Heutz, Dane R. McCamey, Max Attwood, and Sam L. Bayliss

"'Maser-in-a-shoebox': A portable plug-and-play maser device at room temperature and zero magnetic field"
Wern Ng, Yongqiang Wen, Max Attwood, Daniel C Jones, Mark Oxborrow, Neil M. Alford and Daan M. Arroo
Applied Physics Letters 124, 044004 (2024)


"Exploring the spin dynamics of a room-temperature diamond maser using an extended rate equation model"
Yongqiang Wen, Philip L. Diggle, Neil M. Alford and Daan M. Arroo
Journal of Applied Physics, 134, 194501 (2023)

"N-heteroacenes as an organic gain medium for room temperature masers"
Max Attwood, Xiaotian Xu, Michael Newns, Zhu Meng, Rebecca Ingle, Hao Wu, Xi Chen, Weidong Wu, Wern Ng, Temitope T. Abiola, Vasilios G. Stravos, Mark Oxborrow
Chemistry of Materials, 35 11, 4498-4509 (2023)

"Move Aside Pentacene: Diazapentacene-Doped para-terphenyl, a Zero-Field Room-Temperature Maser with Strong Coupling for Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics"
Wern Ng, Xiaotian Xu, Max Attwood, Hao Wu, Zhu Meng, Xi Chen, Mark Oxborrow
Advanced Materials, 2300441 (2023)

"Toward Simultaneous Coherent Radiation in the Visible and Microwave Bands with Doped Molecular Crystals"
Hao Wu, Tong Li, Zhang-Qi Yin, Jiyang Ma, Xu-Ri Yao, Bo Zhang, Mark Oxborrow, Qing Zhao
Advanced Functional Materials, 2300253 (2023)

"Deposition of Nanocrystalline Multilayer Graphene Using Pulsed Laser Deposition"
Yuxuan Wang, Bin Zou, Brunto Rente, Neil Alford and Peter K Petrov


"Simulating the magnetic fields generated by piezoelectric devices using FEM software: Beyond the quasistatic approximation"
Xiaotian Xu, Michael Newns, Mark Oxborrow
Journal of Applied Physics 132 20, 205107 (2022)

"Enhanced Quantum Sensing with room-temperature solid-state masers"
Hao Wu, Shuo Yang, Mark Oxborrow, Ming Jiang, Qing Zhao, Dmitry Budkey, Bo Zhang, Jiangfeng Du
Science Advances 8 48, eade1613 (2022)

"Reconfigurable training and reservoir computing in an artificial spin-vortex ice via spin-wave fingerprinting"
Jack C. Gartside, Kilian D. Stenning, Alex Vanstone, Holly H. Holder, Daan M. Arroo, Troy Dion, Francesco Caravelli, Hidekazu Kurebayashi & Will R. Branford
Nature nanotechnology 17, 460-469 (2022)

"Superradiant Masing with Solid-state Spins at Room Temperature"
Qilong Wu, Yuan Zhang, Hao Wu, Shi-Lei Su, Mark Oxborrow, Chongxin Shan, Klaus MØlmer
ArXiv preprint arXiv:2212.01864


"Quasi-continuous cooling of a microwave mode on a benchtop using hyperpolarized NV− diamond"
Wern Ng, Hao Wu, and Mark Oxborrow
Applied Physics Letters 119, 234001 (2021) 

“Perspective on room-temperature solid-state masers”
Daan M. Arroo, Neil McN. Alford, and Jonathan D. Breeze,
Applied Physics Letters 119, 140502 (2021)

"Asymmetric N-heteroacene tetracene analogues as potential n-type semiconductors"
Max Attwood, Dong Kuk Kim, Joseph H. L. Hadden, Anthony Maho, Wern Ng, Hao Wu, Hiroki Akutsu, Andrew J. P. White, Sandrine Heutz and Mark Oxborrow
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9, 17073-17083 (2021)

"Exceptionally high-temperature spin crossover in amide-functionalised 2,6-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine iron(II) complex revealed by variable temperature Raman spectroscopy and single crystal X-ray diffraction"
Max Attwood, Hiroki Akutsu, Lee Martin, Toby J. Blundell, Pierre Le Maguere and Scott S. Turner
Dalton Transactions, 50, 11843-11851 (2021)

"Bench-Top Cooling of a Microwave Mode Using an Optically Pumped Spin Refrigerator"
Hao Wu, Shamil Mirkhanov, Wern Ng, and Mark Oxborrow
Physical Review Letters 127, 053604 (2021)

"Exploring the Triplet Spin Dynamics of the Charge-Transfer Co-crystal Phenazine/1,2,4,5-Tetracyanobenzene for Potential Use in Organic Maser Gain Media"
Wern Ng, Shuyao Zhang, Hao Wu, Irena Nevjestic, Andrew J. P. White, and Mark Oxborrow
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, 27, 14718-14728 (2021)


"Room-Temperature Quasi-Continuous-Wave Pentacene Maser Pumped by an Invasive Ce:YAG Luminescent Concentrator"
Hao Wu, Xiangyu Xie, Wern Ng, Seif Mehanna, Yingxu Li, Max Attwood, and Mark Oxborrow
Physical Review Applied 14, 064017 (2020)

"Invasive optical pumping for room-temperature masers, time-resolved EPR, triplet-DNP, and quantum engines exploiting strong coupling"
Hao Wu, Shamil Mirkhanov, Wern Ng, Kuan-Cheng Chen, Yuling Xiong, and Mark Oxborrow
Optics Express 28, 29691-29702 (2020)

2010 - 2019

"Unraveling the Room-Temperature Spin Dynamics of Photoexcited Pentacene in Its Lowest Triplet State at Zero Field"
Hao Wu, Wern Ng, Shamil Mirkhanov, Arman Amirzhan, Supamas Nitnara, and Mark Oxborrow
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 39, 24275-24279 (2019)

"Continuous-wave room-temperature diamond maser"
Jonathan D. Breeze, Enrico Salvadori, Juna Sathian, Neil McN. Alford, and Christopher W. M. Kay
Nature, 555, 493-496 (2018)

Jonathan D. Breeze, Enrico Salvadori, Juna Sathian, Neil McN. Alford, and Christopher W. M. Kay
npj Quantum Information, 3, 40 (2017)

Juna Sathian, Jonathan D. Breeze, Benjamin Richards, Neil McN. Alford, Mark Oxborrow
Optics Express, 25, 13714-13727 (2017)

"Nanosecond time-resolved characterization of a pentacene-based room-temperature MASER"
Enrico Salvadori, Jonathan D. Breeze, Ke-Jie Tan, Juna Sathian, Benjamin Richards, Mei Wai Fung, Gary Wolfowicz, Mark Oxborrow, Neil McN. Alford, and Christopher W. M. Kay
Scientific Reports 7, 41836 (2017)

"Molecular Design of a Room-Temperature Maser"
Stuart Bogatko, Peter D. Haynes, Juna Sathian, Jessica Wade, Ji-Seon Kim, Ke-Jie Tan, Jonathan D. Breeze, Enrico Salvadori, Andrew Horsfield, and Mark Oxborrow
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, 8251-8260 (2016)

"Enhanced magnetic Purcell effect in room-temperature masers"
Jonathan D. Breeze, Ke-Jie Tan, Benjamin Richards, Juna Sathian, Mark Oxborrow, Neil McN. Alford
Nature Communications, 6, 2041-1723 (2015)

"Room-temperature solid-state maser"
Mark Oxborrow, Jonathan D. Breeze, Neil McN. Alford
Nature, 488, Pages: 353-+ (2012)

"Better than Bragg: Optimizing the quality factor of resonators with aperiodic dielectric reflectors"
Jonathan D. Breeze, Mark Oxborrow, Neil McN. Alford
Applied Physics Letters 99, (2011)


"Temperature-stable and high Q-factor TiO2 Bragg reflector resonator"
Jonathan D. Breeze, Jerzy Krupka, Anthony Centeno, Neil McN. Alford
Applied Physics Letters 94, (2009)

"Enhanced quality factors in aperiodic reflector resonators"
Jonathan D. Breeze, Jerzy Krupka, Neil McN. Alford
Applied Physics Letters 91, (2007)

"Traceable 2-D Finite-Element Simulation of the Whispering-Gallery Modes of Axisymmetric Electromagnetic Resonators"
Mark Oxborrow 
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 55, 6, 1209-1218 (2007)

"Maser oscillation in a whispering-gallery-mode microwave resonator"
PY Bourgeois, N Bazin, Y Kersale, V Giordano, ME Tobar, Mark Oxborrow
Applied Physics Letters, 87, (2005)