Shoebox maser in action!


The room temperature pentacene maser has now shrunk down to fit within a portable 'shoebox'. Through miniaturising the resonator design and utilising a very compact high power Nd:YAG pulsed green laser, we bring the maser out of the lab and closer to people's homes!

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A £9.6m EPSRC grant will boost Imperial, Manchester, and Leeds research into new nanoscale approaches to functional materials and quantum computing.

NAME Programme Grant

Research on masers has funding from the Nanoscale Advanced Materials Engineering (NAME) Programme Grant, find out more about the cutting edge research at the nanoscale!

The maser goes mainstream: Diamond microwave lasers

Continuous-wave room-temperature diamond maser

Imperial College has been the centre for maser research with first the discovery of the room temperature maser in pulsed mode (pentacene) and now the first at continuous wave. Find out more about the diamond maser, the first maser to operate continuously at room temperature!

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