Contact details for members of the Mathematical Physics group can be found below. Click on a name to visit their personal web page or view summaries of research activities.

Academic Staff and RAs

  • Dr Ryan Barnett

    Dr Ryan Barnett

    Personal details

    Dr Ryan Barnett Senior Lecturer


    Research interests

    Quantum condensed matter theory, Ultracold atoms.

  • Dr Jessica Eastman

    Dr Jessica Eastman

    Personal details

    Dr Jessica Eastman Research Associate

  • Professor David Edwards

    Professor David Edwards

    Personal details

    Professor David Edwards Senior Research Investigator

    Research interests

    Magnetic systems.

  • Dr Chris Ford

    Dr Chris Ford

    Personal details

    Dr Chris Ford Senior Teaching Fellow in Applied Mathematics

  • Dr Eva-Maria Graefe

    Personal details

    Dr Eva-Maria Graefe Royal Society University Research Fellow (Reader)


    Research interests

    Theoretical quantum dynamics, Semiclassical methods, Non-Hermitian quantum theories, Cold atoms, Random matrix ensembles.

  • Dr Roy Jacobs

    Dr Roy Jacobs

    Personal details

    Dr Roy Jacobs Emeritus Reader


    Research interests

    Statistical mechanics.

  • Professor Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen

    Professor Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen

    Personal details

    Professor Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen Senior Research Investigator


    Research interests

    Complex systems.

  • Dr Simon Malzard

    Dr Simon Malzard

    Personal details

    Dr Simon Malzard Research Associate

  • Professor Andy Parry

    Professor Andy Parry

    Personal details

    Professor Andy Parry Professor of Statistical Physics


    Research interests

    Growth, interfaces and surfaces, Phase transition [equilibrium], Wetting.

  • Dr Gunnar Pruessner

    Dr Gunnar Pruessner

    Personal details

    Dr Gunnar Pruessner Senior Lecturer


    Research interests

    Complexity, Growth, interfaces and surfaces, Phase transition [non-equilibrium].