Imogen Dell

Project Title: Two-way Interactions of Troposphere and Stratosphere via Radiation, Reaction and Breakdown of Rossby Waves

Supervisor: Prof Xuesong Wu

Peter Shatwell

Project Title: A process study of heat uptake by the global ocean

Supervisor: Dr Arnaud Czaja

Benjamin Snowball

Project Title: Atmosphere modelling with spectral methods on spherical triangles

Supervisor: Dr Sheehan Olver

Birgit Sutzl

Project Title: Quantifying heterogeneity and microclimates in urban developments

Supervisor: Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk

Joseph Wallwork

Project Title: Anisotropic mesh adaptive methods in ocean modelling

Supervisor:Prof Matthew David Piggott

Golo Wimmer

Project Title: Compatible numerics for numerical weather prediction

Supervisor: Prof Colin Cotter

Erwin Luesink

Project Title: On stochastic geophysical fluid dynamics

Supervisor: Prof Darryl D Holm

Adriaan Hilbers

Project Title: Working with weather & climate variability in power systems planning

Supervisor: Prof Axel Gandy

Mariana Clare

Project Title: Advanced numerical techniques to assess erosion/flood risk in the coastal zone

Supervisor: Prof Matthew David Piggott

George Chappelle

Project Title: Rate-induced tipping in non-autonomous random dynamical systems

Supervisor: Dr Martin Rasmussen

Stuart Patching

Project Title: Analysis of Stochastic Slow-Fast systems

Supervisor: Professor Xue-Mei Li       

Louis Sharrock

Project Title: Bayesian inference with application to air quality monitoring

Supervisor: Dr Nikolaos Kantas           

Niraj Agarwal

Project Title: Data-Driven Reduced Modelling of Oceanic Variability

Supervisor: Dr Pavel Berloff 

Alexander Alecio

Project Title: Uncertainty quantication, linear response theory and predictability for nonequilibrium systems near phase transitions

Supervisor: Professor Grigorios Pavliotis 

Lois Baker

Project Title: Transition to Turbulence in Flow over Rough Topography in the Southern Ocean

Supervisor: Dr Ali Mashayek

Philipp Breul

Project Title: What determines the ability of the jet stream to shift in response to external forcing?

Supervisor: Dr Paulo Ceppi   

Thomas Gregory

Project Title:Next generation numerics for global ocean modelling

Supervisor: Professor Colin Cotter      

Ryosuke Kurashina

Project Title: Atlantic-Pacific Decadal Teleconnections in Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model

Supervisor: Dr Pavel Berloff 

Oliver Street

Project Title: SPDEs in fluid dynamics and their application to ocean debris

Supervisor: Professor Dan Crisan       

Niccolo Zagli

Project Title: Eco-systemic response to climate change

Supervisor: Professor Henrik Jensen  

Daniel Goodair

Project Title: Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with Applications in Ocean and Atmosphere

Supervisor: Prof Dan Crisan

Connor Ward

Project Title: Low Latency Code Generation for Extreme-Scale Continuum Mechanics

Supervisor: Dr David Ham

Theo Diamantakis

Project Title: Dynamics on Rough Paths

Supervisor: Prof Darryl Holm and Prof Greg Pavliotis 

Jamie Meacham

Project Title: Transport and Clusterisation of Floating Particles in the Ocean

Supervisor:  Dr Pavel Berloff

Karina Kowalczyk

Project Title: TBA

Supervisor: Prof Colin Cotter

Reuben Nixon-Hill 

Project Title: Code Generation for ‘In Situ’ Statistics Querying of Geoscientific Models

Supervisor: Dr David Ham