The McCulloch research group is interested in solution processable materials for organic electronics, focussing on photovoltaic and transistor applications.

Organic electronic materials include small molecules and polymers with conjugated pi electron carbon frameworks that are capable of transporting charge. These are also found in applications such as mobile phone displays and emerging solid state lighting technology.

Organic solar cells have potential as a low cost, lightweight, flexible, large scale, printable technology. However, high performance materials with long-term stability are required for commercialisation.

Thin film organic transistor devices have now entered the commercial phase with monochrome display products, driven by organic transistor backplanes.  Higher complexity displays require both improved transistor performance and enhanced operational lifetimes.  Following behind are tag and logic applications and organic transistors for sensing applications.

The McCulloch research group carries out semiconductor design and synthesis alongside device fabrication, morphology and stability studies.