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Study News

United Kingdom

The Imperial College NCC has the largest national target of any country and are over 30% towards their 1000 recruitment target.  We have 45 sites open across 3 nations.  There have been some delays in Scotland, however, we anticipate our eager Scottish sites will be open very soon.  Some sites have been delayed because of their efforts in tackling COVID-19 and we appreciate their focus has had to shift; we look forward to them joining us soon.

Currently, 87% of our enrolled participants have completed their baseline questionnaire; a big thank you to our study participants for their time in completing these.  We are also busy working with GPs to obtain medical event information and appreciate their time in providing this important information.

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The Netherlands

The WCN National Coordinating Centre in the Netherlands have been doing some fantastic work running the FOURIER LEGACY study across the country. The Netherlands has been the top recruiting country globally, with 509 patients recruited.  The Dutch FOURIER participants have been very keen to participate, with over 80% enrolling in this follow-up LEGACY study.  With the study now closing, all enrolled patients will now be receiving their final study survey call from their sites.  We thank all those who enrolled for their participation.


South Africa

The TREAD Research National Coordinating team in South Africa have been busy getting themselves ready for activation.  They’ll be starting with 15 sites across the country and are keen to have more site teams come on board to help towards their national recruitment.


We are working closely with our Russian National Coordinating Centre Lead Investigator and we look forward to inviting our Russian Fourier patients to join in the much anticipated Legacy study.


We look forward to our National Coordinating Centre team joining us soon and the Polish Fourier patients participating in the Legacy follow-up study.

Czech Republic

We are excited to be working closely with our National Coordinating Centre and bringing the Legacy study to our Fourier patients in the Czech Republic.