Erythrocytes in test vial

Specialising in fast, accurate diagnostic tests for the management of infectious diseases

The Molecular Diagnostic Unit (MDU) specialises in providing fast, accurate diagnostic tests for the management of infectious diseases. Our UKAS accredited medical diagnostic service No. 9003, employs the latest technology, including next-generation sequencing, to provide unparalleled service to our national and international customers.

The Section of Virology in the Department of Infectious Disease, which houses the MDU also encompasses a Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) and The National Centre for Human Retrovirology (NCHR). Many of the assays developed for the MDU were designed to support the HIV and HTLV trials undertaken by the CTC and to optimise the management of patients attending the NCHR and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

The Section is constantly researching and developing new diagnostic methods which, once validated, can be introduced into clinical service via the MDU. This allows us to remain ahead of the field in diagnostic testing and clinical monitoring and to provide the highest quality of patient care. Our work is particularly centred on HIV, HTLV, hepatitis viruses and sexually transmitted infections, but we are happy to collaborate with clients in designing and producing assays for particular clinical requirements.