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Applications for the Clinical Research Fellow (MARC Training Programme) role are now being accepted! If you are interested in joining the MARC team and contributing to the future of addictions research apply here:

Clinical Research Fellow (MARC Training Programme) job application

Closing Date: 4 August 2019

PhD Opportunities within MARC

Are you a clinician? Are you looking to undertake a PhD to build your academic career?

The MRC Addiction Research Clinical (MARC) Training programme is led by Prof Anne Lingford-Hughes at Imperial College London, with Prof Colin Drummond at King’s College London and Prof Matt Hickman at University of Bristol. The vision of the MARC programme is to develop the future UK clinical research leaders in addiction to build and sustain capacity in this vital area of clinical neuroscience and address the gap in clinical research capacity in the addictions field in the UK. MARC can support clinicians (eg psychiatrists, psychologists etc) to undertake a PhD to train in a range of research approaches and techniques to effectively translate basic and epidemiological evidence into the clinical environment using early (T1, T2) experimental medicine studies in patients for the benefit of clinical populations and their treatment.

For more information contact the MARC Team  or contact the MARC leads directly  Anne Lingford-Hughes (Imperial College London), Colin Drummond (King's College London) or Matthew Hickman (University of Bristol).

Imperial College Contacts

WhoArea of ExpertiseEmail
 Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes (MARC Lead) Neuroimaging, pharmacology, clinical trials, experimental medicine
 Professor David Nutt Pharmacology, experimental medicine, neuroimaging
 Dr Jim Myers PET neuroimaging methodology
 Professor David Sharp Brain inflammation, traumatic brain injury, neuroimaging
 Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones Lead clinician for National Gambling Clinic, neuropsychology
 Dr Tony Goldstone Endocrinology, appetite and eating behaviours, cognitive assessment, neuroimaging
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King's College Contacts

WhoArea of ExpertiseEmail
 Professor Colin Drummond (MARC Lead) Alcohol clinical and experimental research
 Professor John Strang Drugs clinical and experimental research
 Professor Gunter Schumann Addiction biology, genetics, brain mechanisms of addiction
 Professor John Marsden Psychology of Addiction, experimental studies, clinical trials
 Professor Michael Lynskey Genetic and environmental influences on addiction, twin studies
 Professor Ann McNeil Tobacco addiction, psychology of addiction, tobacco control policy
 Dr Paolo Deluca Novel psychoactive substances, e-health interventions, prescription drug dependence
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University of Bristol Contacts

WhoArea of ExpertiseEmail
 Professor Matt Hickman (MARC Lead) Public health and addiction epidemiology
 Professor Marcus Munafo Experimental Psychology, genetics of alcohol and tobacco.
 Professor Stan Zammit Clinical Epidemiology and genetic epidemiology of psychiatric disorders
 Dr Tim Williams Addiction psychiatry and psychopharmacology
 Professor Graeme Henderson Heroin addiction, opioid tolerance, psychopharmacology
 Dr Emma Robinson Psychopharmacology
 Professor Caroline Relton Genetic & Epigenetic Epidemiology
 Professor Kate Tilling Medical Statistics, Causal Modelling, Longitudinal Modelling incl epigenetic data
 Professor John Macleod  Primary care and addiction epidemiology, record linkage