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AB - The effect of chain branching on glycolipid thermotropic and lyotropic phases was investigated for a series ofsynthetic β-D-glucosides derived from Guerbet alcohols, whose total hydrocarbon chain length ranged from C8 toC24. The compounds, which can be viewed as isosteric mimics for glycoglycerolipids, were synthesised in high purityand their liquid crystalline phases were studied using optical polarising microscopy (OPM), and small-angle X-raydiffraction.When dry, the shortest compound (total C8) exhibits a monotropic Lα phase while longer ones (C16 andC20) adopt inverse hexagonal HII phases. The C24 compound forms an ordered lamellar phase at room temperature,but exhibits a metastable HII phase upon cooling. Curiously the intermediate chain length homologue (C12) adoptsan isotropic inverse micellar (L2) phase in the dry state over the range of temperatures studied. Upon hydration,the C8 compound dissolves, and the C12 compound forms a fluid lamellar Lα phase. The C16 Guerbet glucoside (i.e.β-Glc-C10C6) exhibits an inverse bicontinuous cubic phase of space group Ia3d in excess water, never previouslyobserved in branched-chain lipids, and very seldom observed in excess water. The C20 compound remains in theHII phase upon hydrating, with the lattice parameter swelling substantially.
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