The original scientific concept underpinning this new IRP focusses on the unique combination of world-leading expertise in metabolomics, genomics, molecular metabolism and data science to address the current key challenges in the field of integrative metabolism. The IRP in Integrative Metabolism will uniquely blend scientific Flagship Projects, technological Cross-Cutting themes and a Joint Doctoral Training Programme to build the evidence base in metabolic science and train the next generation of scientists in integrative metabolism.

The overall objective of this IRP is to strengthen interdisciplinary research to uncover the mechanisms underpinning basic human metabolism and fast-track innovation for new treatments and provide an in-depth understanding of metabolism by maximizing overlap between the CNRS’ and Imperial College’s research strategies. The IRP’s objectives are:

  1. To consolidate collaborations within the IRP and strategic research effort following the Flagship Projects (i.e., Maps, Determinants, Mechanisms, Precision) to deliver impactful science, generate IP and translate this knowledge from bench-to-bedside
  2. To coordinate internal resources of the IRP for maximal efficiency of the enabling technologies and facilities covered by Cross-Cutting Themes (i.e., Molecules, Genes, Data, Models)
  3. To provide multidisciplinary training in technologies for integrative metabolism research focussing on linking basic science with clinical translation, through establishing Joint Training opportunities, through the CNRS-Imperial Joint PhD Projects


The IRP focuses on training the next generation of scientists in integrative metabolism. You can enroll in several postgraduate courses and doctoral programmes within the Department, including for instance:

In particular, there are opportunities for prospective doctoral students to apply for positions offered through the joint international Imperial - CNRS Joint PhD Programme.