What did you most enjoy about your course?

Claudia Sanchez CabanillasMy course in Human Molecular Genetics allowed me to acquire a strong background on the molecular pathways behind genetic regulation whilst exploring the newest research in the field. I really enjoyed the variety and the depth of the course, ranging from clinical genetics to population genomics. For instance, we benefited from a week at a hospital to grasp the role of clinical geneticist at its frontline, but we also learned key molecular biology skills in the lab, including the preparation of sequencing experiments. I particularly enjoyed the dry lab lessons on bioinformatics since they were very comprehensive and provided me with a great foundation to undergo my own research for my project.

What did you most appreciate about the Faculty/College?

The aspect I appreciated the most about the MSc in Human Molecular genetics is the proximity of the academic staff, and the close tutorship throughout the course, which is truly outstanding. As a student you will find that everyone is very approachable, and students and academics are in constant contact through course events and open talks organised by the Faculty. The computational and laboratory facilities are also cutting edge, which I found very valuable for my career development. Finally, as a recipient of one of the Dr Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship from the Department of Medicine, I really appreciate the opportunities the college provides to motivated students to fund their studies.

What is your experience during the Covid-19 lock-down?

Half-way through my course, the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. This altered a considerable amount of course events and project plans. However, our supervisors, course coordinators and the faculty in general remained in close contact with us to quickly adapt and work efficiently to preserve the value of our degree, and most importantly to support us during the lockdown. In my personal experience, I had to change from a wet lab-based project to a completely dry lab project with remote supervision. Communication with my supervisor was really good which helped me to continue with my project without any problems.

What are you doing now/What do you plan on doing after graduation?

I am currently doing a bioinformatics research project with Dr Inês Cebola and Dr Sarah Flanagan to identify noncoding mutations in the PMM2 locus causing Hyperinsulinemia and Polycystic Kidney Disease. After graduation, I am planning to pursue a PhD.