Agklinta KiosiaAgklinta Kiosia – Supervised by Professor Gary Frost

What specific area of study do you focus on?
The scientific discipline that my project focuses on is undernutrition with an explicit investigation on the role of nutrients, gut dysfunctions and gut microbiota. Essentially, we are looking at nutritional therapies that could improve the gut function of severely malnourished children by naturally enhancing their gut microbiota. There are many studies investigating the role of gut microbiota on gut health and other body functions and we are now starting to understand more and more about how our microbial flora can affect various gut functions based on our diet. It is very exciting.

What attracted you to your PhD?
The main features that attracted me to my PhD are the project’s global impact, especially the on-going work that is aiming to address the reduction of mortality rates on severely malnourished children in developing countries.

Why did you choose Imperial College?
Imperial College has a prestigious reputation and ranks among the top ten best universities in the world in regard to the quality of research and impact. Therefore, it is natural to be attracted by such an Institution where you will be working amongst the brightest minds and contribute to life changing projects. In addition, Imperial College is based on the capital which makes it a very vibrant and fun place to be in terms of social life.

What do you find most exciting about your studies?
Research is a never-ending learning process and Imperial offers top notch seminars across departments to enhance research skills in a technical and theoretical level. Also working with the brightest minds from different backgrounds it has been very enjoyable and has shaped my perspective in a positive way in many aspects.

What do you enjoy most about studying at Imperial and in the Faculty of Medicine?
Imperial has a lot to offer both in an educational and social level. I truly enjoy the conferences and seminars being held across departments it’s a great opportunity to learn and meet new people at the same time. Moreover, the college offers a wide variety of courses to PhD students, focusing on different areas such as entrepreneurship and courses to enhance soft skills. In addition, the general vibe of the college is very friendly, and members of staff are very supportive and always willing to help.

How do you think the course will impact your future career?
Being a PhD student, it is very challenging and it’s a journey that in the long run will equip me with a plethora of transferable skills such as technical, professional and interpersonal skills, which are required in both academic and industrial setting.

What advice would you give those considering a PhD?
I believe that regardless of whether you are unsure that you want to follow an academic career, PhD It is a great step to make and I would encourage those that are considering to do it. A PhD is much more than technical skills. It is the knowledge and the soft skills you will acquire, the networking with great researchers from different backgrounds, the friends you will make and of course the great opportunities you will have to get involved in projects outside your PhD.