Research Area

Dr Jun Liu joined the Metal Forming & Materials Modelling group, Imperial College London in Nov 2013. He is currently involved with a project of HFQ process aiming for lightweight applications in automotive industries. The HFQ is referred to as solution Heat treatment, Forming and in-die Quenching, which is developed by Professor Jianguo Lin for manufacturing of structural components. This research work includes investigations of mechanical properties of aluminium alloys, HFQ dome tests, microstructure evolution, FEM of HFQ forming process, as well as post-form strength optimization.

Research Keywords

  • Sheet metal forming, superplastic forming
  • HFQ forming, hot stamping
  • Aluminium, titanium
  • Finite element modelling
  • Microstructure and texture



  • BEng and MEng in Materials Sciences
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering


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