Research Area

An Investigation of Hot Forming Quench (HFQ) Process for AA6082 Aluminium Alloys

I joined the Metal Forming & Materials Modelling group in January 2007. My research mainly looks into the mechanical properties and microstructure evolution during the thermal treatments of AL-alloys, particularly the Solution Heat Treatment (SHT) of 6xxx aluminum alloys during the novel Heat, Form & Quench (HFQ) sheet metal forming operation. Age hardening sheet aluminum alloys have recently gained a large amount of interest from the automotive industry, for applications such as light weight structural components.  The material must be thermally treated to obtain a high strength comparable strength to competing materials such as steel.

Research Keywords

  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Microstructure Evolution
  • Materials Modeling
  • Formability of Materials
  • Visco-plasticity
  • Finite Element Analysis


  • BEng
  • MSc
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Contact Details

Tel: (+44) (0)2075 949078