Research Area

My PhD project, ‘Lightweight Materials for Low Carbon Vehicle Structures’, comprises one of the work packages of the TARF-LCV consortium, funded by an EPSRC grant. The aim of this consortium, whose members include research teams from 8 universities in the UK, is to support and reinforce the move Towards Affordable, closed-loop Recyclable Future Low Carbon Vehicle Structures (TARF-LCV), by developing new lightweight materials and manufacturing methods.

My work covers both recycled aluminium and magnesium alloys, and requires a characterisation of their properties in terms of ductility and formability for material modelling purposes, and an optimisation of their forming parameters when used in the Hot Forming and cold-die Quenching (HFQ) process, invented by Professor Jianguo Lin. As such the feasibility of using these lightweight materials, which can lead to a mass reduction of over 40% in the body structure of a vehicle, can be assessed.

Research Keywords

  • Magnesium alloy AZ31
  • Recycled aluminium
  • Mechanical testing
  • Material modelling
  • HFQ
  • FEA


2016: PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London

2011: MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London

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