We study and engineer the metabolism of heterotrophic and photoautotrophic bacteria. How is metabolism controlled? Can we construct synthetic pathways for non-natural products and redirect native metabolism into these pathways? How can we design optimal processes for sustainable conversion of solar to chemical energy?

The work involves metabolic engineering using state-of-the-art synthetic biology techniques and analysis of metabolites, metabolic flux and proteome.

For further information, please contact the group PI, Patrik Jones.

MME group Spet 2016September 2016, the group consists of Mathieu Bousquet (PhD student), Danielle Gallagher (PhD student), John Rowland (PDRA), Ian Sofian Yunus (PhD student), Paulina Bartasun (PDRA), Laura de Arroyo Garcia (PhD student), David Malatinszky (PhD student), Marine Valton (Research assistant), Patrik Jones (Group leader), Koen Mulder (visiting intern), Dipankar Ghosh (PDRA)

Previous members:

MME group 2015January 2015, the group consists of Dr. John Rowland (PDRA), Josi Buerger (MRes student), Phoebe Tickell (Research Assistant), Dr. Paulina Bartasun (PDRA), David Malatinszky (PhD student), Dr. Patrik Jones (PI), Danielle Gallagher (PhD student). Here posing on the 4th floor in the SAF building

Group photo 2014May 2014, the group consisted of Patrik Jones (PI), Paulina Bartasun (PDRA), David Malatinszky (PhD-student), Yarin Aknin (MRes student), and four students working on their BSc undergraduate projects: Laura de Arroyo Garcia, Leon Tin, Abdul Fatah Ahmad and Yaw Bia Tan.