Welcome to the research group of Aimee Morgans. Our research on fluid mechanics is aimed at making energy generation and transport more environmentally friendly. Our specialisms are:

  • Thermoacoustic instabilities. We're interested in modelling and suppressing thermoacoustic instabilities. This is with a view to being able to predict and design-out instability in the combustors of aeroplane engines and power gas turbines. Instability-free combustors would be able to achieve lower NOx emissions.
  • Aerodynamic drag of vehicles. We're interested in better understanding the wake behind a vehicle, and using active control to reduce the aerodynamic drag. Lower drag would facilitate lower fuel-burn for traditional vehicles and increased range for electric vehicles.

We are also interested in aeroacoustics, feedback control of fluid flows and multi-scale flow modelling more generally.

We are part of:

Current and recent projects include AFIRMATIVE (€1.98M, funded by the ERC, 2018-23), CHAMBER (£750k, funded by the EPSRC, 2017-20) and ACOULOMODE (€1.49M, funded by the ERC, 2013-18). Our industrial sponsors include Siemens, Renault and Nissan.