Patient and Public Involvement Group

Patient and Public Involvement Group

The MSk Lab, led by Prof Justin Cobb, has an active Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group which meets every three months, alternately on a Wednesday afternoon or evening. Research is more effective if patients and the public are involved from the first idea and design of the project, right through to the final results.

The MSk Lab is one of the world’s leading musculoskeletal research labs in the world, where we work to create better results for patients by developing enhanced technology, surgical techniques and strategies for orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation. The PPI group consists of patients, the general public, surgeons, scientists and engineers all working together to involve patients and the public in the planning and delivery of our research. 

History of the MSk Lab PPI Group

The first MSk PPI meeting was held on 20th July 2017 where a group of clinicians, scientists and engineers from the lab presented their work to a small group of patients and discussed why patient involvement is so important to our research.  Since then, we have held six quarterly meetings, with group numbers growing and the number of topics increasing. The group mostly focuses on diseases affecting the joints, muscles and bones, though sometimes other areas of medicine are discussed too, including how to prepare patients for surgery and how to help make their recovery and rehabilitation effective.  

What Would I do as a Member of the PPI Group?

Most meetings start with short talks from researchers regarding their projects, followed by a discussion where questions are asked by the group. The researcher often asks the group for their opinions or thoughts regarding the project. Often group members advise the research team on what research questions are most important to them and how they may be investigated.

The PPI Group also:

  • Gives advice on future research ideas
  • Gives opinions from the “patient perspective”
  • Advises researchers on patient information resources to ensure the language is clear and the correct message is coming across
  • Supports the lab when researchers apply for research grants or funding
  • The PPI Group also gives patients a chance to reflect on and share their experiences of bone and joint problems, the hospital experience, surgery and medicine in general.      

Past discussions have included:

  •  What were your concerns, ideas and expectations of your treatment
  •  How did your condition affect your life before treatment?
  •  Were your expectations met during treatment? 
  •  What would you do differently if you had the same operation again? 
  •  In an ideal world, how would you like the pathway to treatment run once you’ve had that first meeting with the GP?
  •  What would patients like in return for their support with this research? 

We will provide refreshments and you will get the chance to have a tour of the MSk Lab to see some of our state of the art research in action.  We can cover the cost of local travel as well, including taxis if you are unable to take public transport.

Our next PPI group meeting will take place on 27th March 2024 at 12:00pm.

If you are interested in being involved, we would love to hear from you, please contact Shanika Brown- Wilson for further information