JointProWhat we do

JointPRO is an interactive online patient-centred tool. By asking a series of carefully designed questions, it helps patients and doctors assess and monitor outcomes after joint replacement surgery.

Why it is important

Measuring, reporting, and comparing outcomes that matter to patients is critically important to determine which interventions are most likely to lead to sustained, long-term health benefits for patients. It has been globally recognised that Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) can play a supporting role in helping patients and their doctors make informed treatment decisions and can engage and empower patients. Collecting PROMs, however, has proven to be challenging and costly. The current methods to collect PROMs limit the scope for this information to be used in the clinical management of patients.

How it can benefit patients

JointPRO was established to address these challenges and facilitate longitudinal, individualised PROMs collection so patients and clinicians can track the evolution of musculoskeletal conditions over time. It is a software tool, available online via computer or smartphone, that collects PROMs electronically using a patient-focused interface. Its accessibility and ease of use means that patients are more likely to engage with JointPro, and engagement is enhanced further by their ability to easily interact with the software to track their own progress over time in graphic form. This objective information, which is also available to their clinicians, can be used during consultations to enrich patient-centred decision making. Additionally, tracking scores over time permits early identification of deteriorations in health, which can then be addressed via 'smart' targeted review and allows patients and clinicians to quantify the effectiveness of treatment interventions.

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