Frequently Asked Questions

When is MSSC2017?
MSSC2017 starts at 08:30 on Monday 18th September and finishes at 18:30 on Friday 22nd September.

Where is MSSC2017?
MSSC2017 takes place at two venues at Imperial College - the Department of Chemistry and the Royal School of Mines.

How do I register for MSSC2017?
Registration is completed by completing the Registration Form.

When will registration for MSSC2017 close?
The Registration Form remains in place until we reach our maximum limit of 50 delegates.

How much are the registration fees for MSSC2017?
There are two fees in operation for MSSC2017:  EARLY BIRD registration (£280) and STANDARD registration (£400). 

Is accommodation included?

Are any bursaries available for MSSC2017?

How do I pay my registration fees?
Via the Registration Form

Is there a deadline for paying registration fees?
Yes - the deadline for paying EARLY BIRD registration fees is Friday 2nd June and the deadline for paying STANDARD fees is Friday 28th  July.

What happens if I do not pay my fees by the deadline?
Your place at the workshop may be cancelled and offered to a delegate from the reserve list.

I have paid my fees but need to cancel my registration - can I get a refund?

I require an official invitation letter so that I can apply for a VISA to enter the UK
If you are applying for a VISA to travel to the UK and require an invitation letter please contact Dr Giuseppe Mallia. If you are applying for a VISA you should ensure that you make your application as soon as possible to allow for any delays in the application process.

Is there a poster session at MSSC2017?
Yes - the poster session will take place on Wednesday 19th September. Please refer to the Poster page

What size should the poster be?
The required poster size is 90cms (width) x 120cms (height).

Is there any free time during MSSC2017?
Yes - the afternoon of Wednesday 19th September following the poster session is free time and can be used to explore London.