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AB - Hierarchically porous carbon foams were produced by carbonization of hypercrosslinked polymerized high internal phase water-in-styrene/divinylbenzene emulsions (HIPEs). The hypercrosslinking of these poly(ST-co-DVB)HIPEs was achieved using a dimethoxymethane external crosslinker to ‘knit’ together aromatic groups within the polymers using FriedelCrafts alkylation. By varying the amount of divinylbenzene (DVB) in the HIPE templates and subsequent polymers, the BET surface area and micropore volume of the hypercrosslinked analogues can be varied systematically, allowing for the production of carbon foams, or ‘carboHIPEs’, with varied surface areas, micropore volumes and pore-size distributions. The carboHIPEs retain the emulsion-templated macropores of the original polyHIPE, display excellent electrical conductivities and have surface areas of up to 417 m2/g, all the while eliminating the need for inorganic templates. The use of emulsion templates allows for pourable, mouldable precursors to designable carbonaceous materials.
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