Nano @ Imperial

Nanoscience and nanotechnology is a vibrant, multidisciplinary field of research that is flourishing at Imperial. The field was stimulated by the intersection of ever smaller microelectronics processing technologies with increasingly complex supramolecular and materials chemistry, at the “nano” lengthscale, which is also so characteristic of many critical biological mechanisms.

Our research brings together ideas and techniques from different specialities to develop new fundamental science and new applications. At Imperial, the combination of open-minded intellectual curiosity, with excellent accessible shared facilities, and a founding institutional mission to deploy technology for the greater good, is particularly well suited to nanoresearch.

One of the College's great strengths is its spirit of collaboration, fostered by intimate interactions between the key departments in the central South Kensington Campus, but extending to colleagues nationally and internationally.

In particular, we work closely within the scientific community in London, through London Centre for Nanotechnology (a joint venture with UCL), as well as our medical campuses and the Thomas Young Centre (the London Centre for Theory and Simulation of Materials).

Nanotechnology lies at the heart of many of the challenges facing society today, from energy to health, which motivate our work.

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