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Energy Islands

The Grantham Institute, working with UKERC and Exscitec, ran a climate negotiations game for A-level students at the College's Reach Out Lab.

Climate negotiations

Students discuss their plans

Students discuss their negotiation plans during the Energy Islands exercise at the College

In September the Institute ran a climate negotiations game called Energy Islands, aimed at encouraging A-level students to consider the challenges our global society faces to tackling climate change.

Twenty-four students took part in the activity, which was developed by Jeff Hardy and his team at UKERC and based on the UNFCCC negotiations. Divided into three 'islands' that represented the EU, China and Africa, students were given detailed information on their island's resources, societal structure, energy systems and emissions levels. They were then tasked with negotiating an agreement between all three islands that would allow a global target of 30% emissions reduction by 2030 to be reached. Through resource and technology exchange, and the implementation of mitigation and adaptation strategies, each island bartered its assets to achieve this target.

These activities were part of the Reach Out Lab's STEM programme, providing hands-on and engaging Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths outreach activities for students, teachers and schools - to raise aspirations, improve attainment and increase participation in Higher Education and STEM related careers.

For more information on the Energy Islands game please contact Sarah Lester.

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