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Dr Ling Ge gives green technology talk at European Commission

Dr Ling Ge

Dr Ling Ge, a Research Scientist from the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London was recently invited to speak on Green Technology at the European Commission in Brussels.

Dr Ling Ge, a scientist funded by the Leverhulme Fellowship in the Department of Chemistry was recently invited by the Head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House to speak on Green Technology at the inaugural Europe China Research & Advice Network (ECRAN) conference held at the European Commission, Brussels in October 2011.

The event, which was organised in collaboration with the European External Action Service, brought together Europe’s top experts to inform European policy-makers and other stakeholders about some of the most pressing issues currently facing the EU, China and the EU-China relationship. Experts relayed the results of recent research into environment, politics, society, Chinese investment into Europe, migration and EU-China relations 2020, among other topics. The conference was attended by more than a hundred EU officers, policy makers, stakeholders as well as twenty experts in the aforementioned fields.

Ling gave the closing talk on Green Technology at the ‘Environment’ session, and talked about ionic liquids for batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, water research and nanotechnology, which are flourishing research areas at the College. Ling also communicated the significance, social impact and investment opportunities of these research areas to both the EU and China, and presented China’s plans to become a green economy in the next decade. Ling’s talk has been greatly appreciated by policy makers, “Dr Ge was able to draw on her background as a scientist, and experience of talking to those with a non-specialist background, and outline the key challenges and issues with clarity and vigour”, commented Dr Kerry Brown, Head of Asian Program, Chatham House, and Leader of the ECRAN.

Dr Ge considered the event to be a huge success as it facilitated dialogue between experts and policy makers, as well as on environment and climate change between China and the English speaking world. Ling acknowledges Dr Liz Elvidge and the Postdoc Development Centre for public engagement funding received, and Dr Patricia Hunt and the Department for their support of the initiative.

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