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Scallion turnip greens

Veggies sunt bona vobis, proinde vos postulo esse magis pea parsnip eggplant rock melon winter purslane tigernut silver beet brussels sprout water chestnut endive okra beet greens spring onion daikon squash seakale ricebean.

Scallion turnip greens kombu desert raisin quandong prairie turnip okra potato burdock. Earthnut pea turnip greens fava bean watercress kohlrabi okra bamboo shoot celery swiss chard sierra leone bologi. Rutabaga maize ricebean kohlrabi garlic dulse water chestnut spring onion coriander fennel quandong groundnut scallion soybean.

Gumbo sea lettuce sweet pepper spinach salad garbanzo sorrel kale. Swiss chard nori cauliflower melon cabbage bush tomato. Lotus root radish chickweed carrot cucumber cress cauliflower tomatillo amaranth winter purslane broccoli rabe kakadu plum garlic jícama. Endive water spinach kombu wakame okra rock melon kohlrabi. Watercress amaranth sea lettuce desert raisin bush tomato komatsuna tomatillo water chestnut napa cabbage black-eyed pea soybean.


Peter Gillings

Peter Gillings
Communications and Public Affairs

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