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Inaugural ChemEngDay a Triumph


Image: Dr. Jerry Heng giving a talk

The first ChemEngDay UK conference at the end of March saw nearly 300 Chemical Engineers from around the country descend on Imperial College

The first ever ChemEngDay UK conference took place at the end of March at the Department, and saw nearly three hundred researchers from Universities nationwide descend on Imperial in order to explore the latest research and advances in core areas of Chemical Engineering.

Interactive poster sessions took place alongside talks from leading experts in academia and industry covering a huge scope of topics including biomedical engineering, particle technology, transfer processes and process systems engineering.  Well over 150 posters were on display during the event (a list of winners can be found below) and the conference was rounded off by an excellent plenary talk from Prof. Matt Tirrell of the University of Chicago.

“All the feedback I have had from our visitors has been that it was outstanding,” said Chemical Engineering Head of Department Andrew Livingston.  “Perhaps the nicest part of the whole event for me was having so many of us working together as a team with a common goal, and feeling the success that we created together.”

The ChemEngDay UK baton has now been passed on to Manchester University, where the conference will take place on the 7th and 8th April 2014.



Poster Winners:

Catalysis & Reaction Engineering - Effects of natural and forced convection on low temperature combustion, Filipa Goncalves de Azevedo (University of Cambridge)

Separations Engineering & Transfer Processes - Generating cause-and-effect models for chromatographic protein purification, Spyros Gerontas (UCL)

Fluid Flow & Mixing - Scale-up of multiphase microchemical reactors, Simon Kuhn (UCL)

Materials & Particle Technology  - Monitoring and control of polymorphic transformation in pharmaceutical crystallizations using a composite PAT array and crystallization process informatics system, Elena Simone (Loughborough University)

Process Systems Engineering - A mathematical programming approach for the utilisation of non-conventional water resources, Songsong Liu (UCL)

Biochemical & Biomedical Engineering - Elucidating Signalling Controlling Cell Movement: Mechanistic Modelling and Engineering Design Principles, Aiman Alam-Nazki (Imperial College London)



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