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Call for Applications for Studentship Projects



The ICB is inviting proposals for 4 year PhD studentships

Four-Year CDT Programme

We usually have a minimum of 10 fully funded studentship places on our 4-year programme available every year.

Central Research Theme

The central research theme of the ICB CDT is concerned with the study of a specific molecular interaction in biological systems and the development of novel molecular tools and technologies.

Note that in addition to the previous remit of the study of protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions, other molecular interactions of biomedical and biological importance such as protein-nucleic acid, lipid-drug, lipid-lipid, lipid-nucleic acid and lipid-metabolite interactions will also be considered.

The “annual scheme” will be funding projects that are concerned with the development of new molecular tools and technologies to study specific interactions that address key challenges in the pharma, biotech, personal care or agriscience sectors. Both, project proposals concerned with either translational or basic research will be considered but in both instances there must be underpinning innovation in the physical sciences.

The Annual ICB call is open now

Sector Specific Funding Schemes

The ICB CDT is inviting proposals for 4 year PhD studentships via sector specific calls (BRC, BHF, CRUK, industry). These jointly funded studentships will address sector specific challenges. Each studentship will be part of the ICB CDT and the students will receive the full ICB CDT education and training programme over the four years.

The BRC-ICB call is open now.



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