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Imperial Magazine won an award in this year's UCDA annual design contest.


UCDA award

This flower was awarded to the Communications & Public Affairs division for their Behind the Scenes spread

Imperial Magazine won an award in this year's University and College Designers Association annual design contest for its Behind the Scenes Spread.

Best Spread!

We are delighted to have won an award in this year's UCDA (University and College Designers Association) annual design contest.

The UCDA Design Competition recognizes the best of the exceptional design work done to promote educational institutions (secondary, vocational, or higher education). The Imperial College's magazine received the Award of Excellence for the Behind the Scenes Biting Back spread about mosquito research in Life Sciences, pp26-7, from Imperial magazine, issue 37 which will also appear in the Design Show at the UCDA conference in Montreal in October.

Beth Elzer, Creative Director, commented that "It was a wonderful opportunity to visually showcase just how our researchers grow 10,000 mosquitoes in one extremely tiny room. The research the insects are raised for is so critical, that it's an honour to be able shine a light on the important work that is being done in this area by our scientists."

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