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The Global Port Research Alliance (GPRA)


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The PORTeC at Imperial College London is a founding member of the Global Port Research Alliance (GPRA).

The Port Operations and Research and Technology Centre at Imperial College London is a founding member of the Global Port Research Alliance (GPRA). The GPRA is an international research network devoted to establishing, for the first time, a truly international dimension to research on port operations, maritime and transport logistics.

The GPRA alliance comprises seven leading universities spanning four continents: Imperial College London, the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, the MIT Centre for Transportations and Logistics, the National University of Singapore, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Hamburg and the University of Sydney.

The GPRA aims to develop systems able to cope with the main problems in the global port sector and related maritime and logistics industries. The intention is to foster collaboration, combine previously disparate international expertise, share resources and stimulate further academic research in this area. The GPRA will also provide a forum for research consultancy in the port sector and will organise international workshops to share knowledge. The Alliance intends to work with national and international organisations such as Governments, the World Bank, UNCTAD and NICTA, while maintaining its independence from government and specific commercial interests.

GPRA will host its first workshop on the Future of Automated Container Terminals (FACT2014) at the University of Sydney Business School. This event will take place on 10-11th of April, 2014.


Dr Bani Anvari

Dr Bani Anvari
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