The UK energy system - the next decade


Professor David Fisk, CB FREng HonFCIBSE FRIBA(Hons) FIoP

Professor Fisk invited to offer his expertise in the area of UK Energy Policy

Professor Fisk CB FREng HonFCIBSE FRIBA (Hons) FloP has been invited by the Royal Academy of Engineering to contribute to a new study on UK energy policy which is being led by the Council for Science and Technology.

This new study will consider scenarios for the whole energy system out to 2050 but begin with an assessment of the next decade, specifically how each sector is likely to develop in that timeframe, what are the technical challenges and uncertainties, and how policies will impact on the markets. 

Professor Fisk, as a Fellow with expertise in the area along with the main stakeholders covering electricity, heat, transport and industry, will contribute during the initial meeting at the Royal Academy of Engineering in late June 2014.


Ms Alexandra J Williams

Ms Alexandra J Williams
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