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ISP Boron for Carbide RA Starter 2014


Dr Joao Pedro Duarte

JP Duarte has joined the ISP Academic Team via an EPSRC grant on Boron for Carbide in 2014.

Hi, I’m JP Duarte, the new PDRA for the Boron Carbide (B4C) project. I come from the ancient University of Coimbra, set in the sunny margins of the Mondego river in Portugal, where I taught and did research on oxide ceramics and semiconductors using a collection of spectroscopic techniques.

I will be upgrading ISP’s meso-scale launcher to a 2-stage light gas gun, enabling it to accelerate masses of a few grams to velocities in excess of 2 km/s. More challengingly, I also envisage adding a novel diagnostic capability to the ISP – an in situ time-resolved Raman spectroscopy system able to probe structural changes during dynamic loading. Both will enable the study of B4C in order to understand how Si-doping supresses the formation of weak phases upon loading on the GPa range.

By the way, JP stands for João Pedro, a name not that easy to pronounce for English natives – I’ll happily buy a pint to anyone able to say it correctly! 


Ciara Mulholland

Ciara Mulholland
Department of Physics