Imperial Podcast: Venus, music and rogue bacteria


Imperial researchers put forward plans for a new mission to Earth's less celebrated neighbour

The College’s Director of Music recounts his favourite memories of musical life on campus.

And we hear how research on the roles of bacteria in human health can be led astray by contaminated samples.

The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on Imperial's Science Communication MSc course and the presenter of Click Radio on the BBC World Service, with contributions from our roaming reporters from the Research Communications group.

Download the complete podcast (mp3)


News: Mexican waves in the brain - Colin Smith describes a new study from the Department of Bioengineering that explains how oscillating waves spread through groups of neurons. (Full story)

Contamination sends experiments awry – A new study by Dr Michael Cox and colleagues at the National Heart and Lung Institute highlights how contaminated samples can lead to the wrong bacteria being implicated in biomedical studies. (Full story)

Earth’s unloved neighbourDr Richard Ghail (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Dr Philippa Mason (Earth Science and Engineering) make the case for further exploration of Venus and outline their plans for a new mission.

Music at Imperial - Imperial’s Director of Music, Richard Dickins, talks about the concerts on offer and opportunities for students to get involved.


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