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Business and science merge in Large Hadron Collider lecture


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A series of lectures exploring big scientific challenges from a business perspective is being launched at Imperial College London this week.

The Future by Imperial series has been created to expose Imperial College Business School students to big scientific challenges, such as space discovery, cancer research and 3D printing. The issues will be presented and discussed from a business perspective by leading academics from around the College.

The series is being run to mark the 10-year anniversary of Imperial College Business School’s MSc Management programme.The first lecture is looking at what is widely considered to be the biggest scientific experiment ever attempted: the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

The lecture, taking place tomorrow (Thursday 5 February) at 6.30pm on South Kensington campus, will be given by Professor Jordan Nash, a former head of the High Energy Physics group at Imperial, and current Head of the Physics Department.

Professor Nash has been involved in particle physics experiments at CERN for the last 25 years, and has also worked on experiments at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California.

The series of talks has been arranged by Dr Paolo Taticchi, Principal Teaching Fellow and Director of the MSc Management at Imperial College Business School. Dr Taticchi said: “Science and business are often seen as two distinct disciplines, but they are explicitly linked at Imperial where brilliant minds from both disciplines are encouraged to collaborate and explore opportunities. This is often where the real magic happens and new ground is broken which really benefits society.’

The Dean of Imperial College Business School, Professor G. ‘Anand Anandalingam, will be opening the lecture series on Thursday. He said: “Science and technology play such a huge role in today’s world, you can not be a competitive business analyst if you don’t have an insight into these worlds. Imperial College Business School is unique in being able to draw on the expertise of colleagues who are world-leaders in these scientific fields and to pass that knowledge onto our Business School students.”

The series of talks will continue throughout the year. Future talks in the spring term include Creating artificial cells and studying single cells and Spacecraft missions to the outer planets.

Information about the lecture series can be found here.


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