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DoC PhD student invited to the prestigious Heidelberg Laureate Forum


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Claudia Schulz, the current chair of the Imperial College ACM Student Chapter has been invited to the Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

An image of ClaudiaThe forum brings together leading "Laureates" in the industry with the best young researchers from around the world. Claudia a PhD student here in the Department of Computing supervised by Professor Francesca Toni and Professor Marek Sergot has been selected as one such promising young researcher.

Claudia is currently chair of the Imperial College ACM Student Chapter, a member of the steering committee of the Imperial College Computing Student Workshop and an editor of the ACM XRDS magazine.

She is also chair of the International Workshop on User-Oriented Logic Programming(IULP'15) and already has several published papers to her name. 

Some of the laureats are made up of the winners of  the most prestigious awards in Mathematics and Computer Science. The winners of the Abel Prize, the Fields Medal (including the Nevanlinna Prize for contributions in “Mathematical Aspects of Information Science”), and the ACM Turing Award are all invited to participate in the Forum.

Well done Claudia.


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Royston Ingram
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