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Congratulations to our recent PhD graduates


Imperial Purple PhD Robes

We are proud to announce the notable accomplishment of our latest PhD graduates who have successfully passed their doctoral dissertations and vivas.

Congratulations to:





Thesis Title

Konstantinos Bousmalis

Professor Maya Pantic

Infinite Hidden Conditional Random Fields for the Recognition of Human Behaviour

Ping-Lin Chang

Dr Eddie Edwards

Dense vision in image-guided surgery

Chun Chau

Professor Peter Cheung and Professor wayne Luk

Optimising reconfigurable systems for real-time applications

Yang Gao

Professor Francesca Toni

Argumentation Accelerated Reinforcement Learning

Demetris Spanias

Dr Will Knottenbelt

Professional Tennis: Quantitative Models and Ranking Algorithms

Chun Wang Nicholas NG

Professor Nobuko Yoshida

Safe and Scalable Parallel Programming with Session Types

Xinyu Niu

Professor Wayne Luk 

Optimising Runtime Reconfigurable designs for High-Performance Applications

Andrew Vaughan Jones

Professor Alessio Lomuscio

Model Checking and Compositional Reasoning for Multi-Agent Systems


Royston Ingram

Royston Ingram
Department of Computing

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