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The ISP welcomes Associate Members


The ISP has grown considerably. We are delighted to welcome the following associate members to the team

The ISP welcomes Associate Members

 Dr Daniel E. Eakins

Over the past four years the ISP has grown considerably, both in terms of size, and in the exciting research being conducted by our students, staff and collaborators across the College. We have had the pleasure of working with a number of very talented academics, and are delighted to welcome the following associate members to the team:

 - Gareth Collins (Earth Science and Engineering): Impact cratering, continuum and mesoscopic modelling of porous systems.

 - Lorenzo Iannucci (Aeronautics): High strain-rate impact response of composite systems.

- John Dear (Mechanical Engineering): High strain-rate and blast behaviour of armour systems.

 - David Dye (Materials Science and Engineering): Materials evolution and Micromechanical damage under extreme conditions.

 - Spyros Masouros (Bioengineering): High strain-rate effects and damage in biological systems.

These academics bring specific and complementary experimental and computational expertise to the ISP, helping to address the wider scope of high-rate material behaviour, strength and damage. We look forward to  our continued collaboration and exploring novel, cross-disciplinary research directions in this new phase for the ISP.



Ciara Mulholland

Ciara Mulholland
Department of Physics