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ISP workshop attendee wins prize


Thuy Tien receives her award for Best Oral presentation

We congratulate Thuy Tien Nguyen for her prize at the Greener and Safer Energetic and Ballistic Systems event, Romania, May 2015

In May 2015, the Eramus+ program ‘Greener and Safer Energetic and Ballistic Systems’ (GSEBS) organised an intensive training course in Bucharest, from the 10th to the 23rd. The training had a wide range of multi- and inter-disciplinary topics including environmental impacts of energetics and ballistics systems, greener energetic materials and their applications, materials and techniques for ballistic protection, modeling and simulation of energetic and ballistic systems and ballistic protective equipment.


The program involved MSc and PhD students, and lecturers from four prestigious institutions across Europe: Imperial College London (United Kingdom), University of Coimbra (Portugal), ENSTA Bretagne (France), and Military Technical Academy (Romania) which hosted the event. It provided an opportunity for students from various backgrounds not only to improve and comprehend their technical knowledge and skills but also to exchange experiences and opinions with others. Apart from the intensive lectures and workshops, participants of the program also had the chance to explore the cultural side of Romania, both inside Bucharest and outside to Sinaia and Bran: visiting palaces and castles and learning about Dracula!


Following the two-week-long intensive program was the two-day international conference on the same topics. During this conference, students attending the training could present their work alongside academics and industrial professionals from other universities, agencies and companies. The conference was a great platform for debates on recent achievements in the use of various systems for civil, defense and space applications, focusing on the safety and environmental aspects. The experiences and insights gained from such occasions are undoubtedly enormous!


Representing the ISP, Thuy-Tien Nguyen received the prize for ‘The Best Oral Presentation’ with the talk titled ‘Shock Tube System – Blast Waves and Blast Interaction Research’ at the GSEBS conference. Photos credit: The Military Technical Academy.



Ciara Mulholland

Ciara Mulholland
Department of Physics