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Imperial Festival 2014



In May this year we came together with Anglian Water to showcase our Strategic Partnership at the Imperial College Fringe Festival..

Held in May every year, the Imperial Festival celebrates the best science and arts on offer from the College's staff and students. For 4 days we together ran a stall engaging academics, students, and families, informing them about the challenges within the field of water, how we are tackling these and what they can do to do their bit.

fringeWe had a great response to our Water bi-cycle, with many children and some grown up children trying to top the top score pumping water through the water network from source to customer, generating the power it requires peddling as fast as they can. Meanwhile we informed visitors on the processes involved from extracting the water we consume from surface and groundwater sources, the treatment to ensure it is safe for human consumption as well as what is being done cleaning it after we used it protecting our environments.

Further we engaged academics and visitors alike in our water footprint puzzle, trying to match household items to its virtual water footprint. The virtual water footprint is a measurement of all water required in the production of a good. For example considering a glass of orange juice it takes into consideration the amount of water it requires for the fruit to grow and ripen, the transportation as well as the production processes.


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Lucy Stagg
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