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New review paper from HexMat researchers


New review paper from HexMat researchers just published - On the mechanistic basis of deformation at the microscale in hexagonal close-packed metals

Ben Britton, Fionn Dunne and Angus Wilkinson review deformation in hexagonal materials and discuss fundamental questions that underpin the next generation of high performance alloys.

This review paper draws together an extensive range of research from across the globe. In particular, the review focuses on improving collective understanding of these exciting alloys, taking the reader from single crystal performance towards exciting developments in understanding industrially important problems such as cold dwell fatigue.

T. B. Britton, F. P. E. Dunne, A. J. Wilkinson DOI: 10.1098/rspa.2014.0881 Published 27 May 2015

This paper is released as an Open Access article, kindly supported by EPSRC.”


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