Redesigning project management


Dr John Heintz

Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation Seminar Series

On Thursday 26 November 2015, the Centre welcomed Dr John Heintz to give a talk in the Centre's Seminar Series. The talk titled, 'RE-DESIGNING PROJECT MANAGEMENT: STEPS TOWARDS A PROJECT MANAGEMENT CURRICULUM FOR A SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENT' is detailed herein.


Sustainability concerns add a wide range of both stakeholders and performance expectations to building projects.  The transition of a circular economy will also have a significant impact on the way in which building projects are carried out. This in addition to an already established escalation of stakeholder involvement and performance expectations. Even simple projects are acquiring a substantial degree of complexity. Taken together these factors (and others) suggest that we need to move beyond classic project management to an alternative approach to project management education which prioritizes outputs over outcomes (Morris, 2013b), placing the emphasis on project sponsors business strategies, and the social and environmental ambitions, and focussing on the early stages, the social aspects, and the problems solving activity of project management. The scope of this paper is to propose a framework for an alternative approach to project management education for built environment professionals. The framework will make use of principles of Practical Pluralism, Project Management as Design, Project Management Design Cycle. The intention of the framework is to facilitate graduate project managers is making use of the wide range of recent project management scholarship.


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