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Centre welcomes visitors from China and Korea to it's BIM Mini Workshop

CSEI BIM Mini Workshop Attendees

CSEI BIM Mini Workshop










On Thursday 21 January 2016, the Centre for Systems Engineering & Innovation welcomed guests from Yonsei University, South Korea & Tsingha University, China and colleagues from around the College to a BIM Mini Workshop.


There is substantial effort internationally, in Europe, Asia and the Americas, to transform construction sectors for digitally-enabled delivery of intelligent infrastructure. The UK government mandate for the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on central government projects by 2016, has focused on up-skilling the UK construction sector to deliver digital asset information to clients. Infrastructure projects become reconceived as having both physical and digital deliverables.

Professor Ghang Lee

This informal BIM workshop, which was hosted by the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation (CSEI), provided an opportunity for a discussion of the implications of such initiatives for the international research community, enabling students and staff at Imperial to learn about recent developments and areas of research on BIM across the UK and Asia. It included international guests: Professor Ghang Lee (inset), who will be a co-author on the next edition of the BIM Handbook, and Professor Zhiliang Ma (below), who wrote the report on informatization of the building construction industry in China.


Professor Zhiliang Ma

Professor Zhiliang Ma










The Final Agenda for the day can be viewed here.


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