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Imperial hosts student exchange from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine


A student delegation from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine visited Imperial this week as part of the partnership between the two institutions.

The ten students, all second year undergraduates at LKCMedicine, visited the College as part of an exchange programme designed to enhance links between the two medical schools. As part of the exchange a similar delegation of Imperial’s own students will visit LKCMedicine in Singapore later this year.

The visit offered an immersive experience to allow the students to explore what it is like to be a medical student in London. Over the week the group took part in a range of academic and social activities, including lectures and seminars at Imperial’s School of Medicine and a tour of historical medical sights in London, as well as a chance to visit some of London’s best known attractions.

Imperial and LKC students visit

Imperial and LKC students take part in a respiratory practical


Medical Collaboration

LKCMedicine is a collaboration between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Imperial. With its innovative curriculum developed in partnership with Imperial, LKCMedicine pioneers the use of e-learning tools so students can make the most of their contact time with academics and patients.

Martin Lupton, Associate Dean and Head of the Undergraduate School of Medicine at Imperial, said: “It has become increasing clear to the medical school that collaboration with other organisations is a win win. The close relationship we already have with LKCMedicine means that the exchange visit by 10 Singaporean students hit the ground running.

"It has been a joyful experience to watch the relationship between our London students and their Singaporean comrades flourish. For us in the undergraduate school of medicine this is collaboration at its very best.”

Students' experience

During the visit a number of LKCMedicine students shared their experience of studying in Singapore and their reflections on Medicine at Imperial.

Aletheia Chia

Aletheia Chia

Aletheia Chia

“I chose LKCMedicine because of the teaching style – the small cohort groups and the level of contact with our teachers – and it has been great so far. The style of learning is very different to my experience in High School. The learning is heavily self-directed and the course equips you with both the knowledge you need but also more general skills for the future.

“London is such a culturally vibrant city and very different to Singapore. It’s been great to be immersed in a whole different culture this week. Seeing the NHS, which is very different to the system we have in Singapore, has been particularly interesting. I’ve learnt so much to take back to LKCMedicine”

Sundheep Subramani

Sundheep Subramani

Sundheep Subramani

“I chose to study at LKCMedicine because it is a new school and offered a new culture to get involved with. I had a lot of choices for Medical school, including in the UK, but I chose LKCMedicine because of the new TBL curriculum. I like that the course is influenced by the expertise at Imperial but is also something new to suit Singaporean healthcare needs.

“I was excited to be part of the trip as this is the first contact between LKCMedicine and Imperial students. I wanted to see what student life is like here at the College and compare it to Singapore. It’s made me think about things back home, both in appreciating what we have but also the things I think we could do better.”

Goh Kang Shiong

Goh Kang Shiong

Goh Kang Shiong

“I’m the Medical Society President at LKCMedicine so was heavily involved in organising the visit. We thought it was really important to improve ties with LKCMedicine and Imperial students. Coming here it’s great to have a more tangible connection with Imperial and it’s really interesting to see how they teach medicine here.

“Going back to LKCMedicine it will be great to reflect on our way of learning and look more critically at how we do things in comparison. I also hope the visit will be the start of a number of academic and community collaborations between LKCMedicine and Imperial students.”


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