Revolutions in Cancer at the Summer School


iKnife being demonstrated

Demonstration of the iKnife.

Professor Zoltan Takats Group take part in the 'Revolutions in Biomedicine' summer school event.

As part of the ‘Revolutions in Biomedicine’ summer school event organised by Kirsty Flower, Professor Zoltan Takats PPI/E group ran an afternoon session under the topic ‘Revolutions in Cancer’, which showcased the iKnife as a technology that will be changing the field of cancer surgery in years to come.Students learning in the lab

The session was organised by Research Technician Emma White, and included an informative introductory talk on the Takats Group research by Clinical Research Fellow David Phelps. 

Summer school students in actionA computer-based workshop was designed to allow the students to build and test a recognition software model in the same way as is used in surgery, and group laboratory sessions meant that the students got some hands on experience using the iKnife, and had the opportunity to test their skills as potential surgeons of the future! With the help of PhD students Adam Burke and Luìsa Dória, the session was a great success and received enthusiastic feedback from many students. 


Emma Edwards

Emma Edwards
Faculty of Natural Sciences